The word of the President
We, in 2003 celebrated the thirtieth anniversary of our association.

At the time of a very beautiful ceremony, we paid homage to the founder members who met in 1972 to create this association under the impulse of Canon James FOX who became the first President.

Since then, many actions have been carried out in connection with the local communities, in the field of cultural activities as well as in the field of installation and maintenance of our beautiful building.

At the time of the last general assembly, outgoing President Daniel FOUCAUT, who wished to make himself available for other destinies, after more than TEN years during which he led an effective action at the head of our association, suggested I take succeed from him, which I readily accepted.

We warmly thank him for his commitment and his relevant, creative actions of many activities and events throughout this long period.

I will thus endeavour to continue the work of my predecessors. A quick visit paid with the mayors of ROYAUCOURT and CHAILVET to the frameword (underneath the roof) and around the frontages made me discover that there was a lot to be done concerning maintenance.

Then let's roll up our sleeves! Join in great numbers, bring us your ideas of young people , your advice to the the old ones, the contribution of all of you will be our force to complete our mission.

                                                                                                              The President,

                                                                                                              Bertrand du TARTRE

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